Sunday, August 23, 2009

Introductions and whatnot

So i thought i'd kick this blog off with a little introduction and a chat about what i'll be covering. My purpose for this blog is to bring light onto a very hard to find (imho) subject. I've done alot of searching for people who share the same tastes in crazy neon makeup and the like but only manage to find one here and there and really no place where all of us can converge. I feel somewhat stiffled in creativity when a good deal of other places always like to post the best neutral eye combos and the like. Don't get me wrong, i love a good neutral look but not all the time. I have to have COLOR! So i'd like to decicate this blogs to the people who live tife to the fullest and the fastest and even those of you who are closet color fanatics. (I see you, and i love you) Without balance between neutral lovers and color lovers we'd all look like my husband aunt who wears way too much everything and can't seem to understand why she scares small children.

Anyway, things i'll try to be covering are different brands of makeup, such as MAC, Urban Decay, Nyx, Make up Forever, etc. I won't just be posting neon colors, i'll try to have a bit of everything else as well for the balance factor. Please if you ever want to see anything or have me cover anything i'm very open to suggestions. I'm a cosmetology student @ Paul Mitchell so i'll be doing hair products too. I have a short spikey bob haircut so i'm always looking for something fun to use or wear in it. I also want a good balance between high end and drugstore makeup so that all budgets can have the colors they crave and the looks for the raves (good god that was corny) 

I'm really going to try to do a little of everything beauty and just be very open and honest about my reviews, thoughts, new exciting brands i've seen, very awesome tips and tricks to make life easier and just life and having fun living it. I really can't wait to meet some like minded people and am very excited for this opportunity to blog about something i love so much.

Y'all be safe and bright

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  1. Hi, nice to find your blog. I love colours too and always complain about neutral looks. I don't know I can pull off neon colours, but a bit bright colours here and there woulg be fun. Can't wait to read more!