Saturday, September 5, 2009

China Glaze Glitters, Chromes, and Creams Collection

Ok so to deviate slightly away from bright makeup i bring you the new china glaze collection. This collection will include 50 new polishes, yes 50!

The first 6 are available for purchase at Victoria Nail Supply but you can be put on the waiting list for new notifications for the others. Some swatches can be found on Scrangie's blog while all can be found here.

Now the really exciting news is that Sally's Beauty Supply has an exclusive ChG glitters and chromes piece of the collection. These are not included on Victoria's site. There is 7 i believe and they will be Cleopatra (a goldy-bronze and holo glitter, which would look great by itself you layered. I picked this one up myself and will post a swatch when i can) Nova (i believe this is a straight silver glitter but will update upon finding out) Medallion (which appears to be gold glitter) Atlantis (Seems the most popular of the release, it is a turchoise/aqua with holo glitter that looks fab by itself or layered) Millenium (so to me it's like a light gunmetal, not quite platinium but like if platinium and titanium had a baby if that makes sense. I got this one as well) Fairy Dust (looked like smaller holo glitter) I think i'm missing 3 more but i will be sure to edit when i find out what they are. If anyone knows of the ones i missed, please let me know so i can correct immediately

I will add swatches to this post as i get them so keep checking back to see what i've unearthed.